This came up in the forums a while back.  I found this information and email Scott asking if I was on the right track.  He said I should post it in the forums (meaning yes).  Hopefully, we'll eventually get some back story but you can use your imagination here.
"OK, I also did a google search for Marie way back in April after Scott came to Houston.  The only place a Marie comes up is with Pierre Andre Latreille but he spells his last name differently (Latreille vs Latrielle)  It might make sense that he is Marie's husband as Pierre was an entomologist and his wife was reportedly lost at sea - or was she!!!!!!!  Perhaps Pierre was performing some secret experiments a la "The FLY" and Marie ended up with some combination chromosomes????  Or perhaps it was her brother Guillaume Antoine Olivier that did the experiments on Marie since he was also an entomologist!"   

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